Spiders …. By Len


Responding to Reena’s Exploration Challenge #155 with the theme ” HORROR “.

I sit curled on my bed, clutching a broom, staring at the cobwebs appearing on the ceiling. I see no spiders, just cobwebs. How can that be? Where are the spiders? Cause and effect. I see the effect but what is the cause. I jump up on my bed and sweep the broom across the ceiling, yelling a battle cry as the cobwebs disintegrate and disappear from my sight. I sit down on the bed and yell in triumph and relief. I glance up and notice the cobwebs appearing again, doubling in frequency this time. They soon cover the ceiling and slowly start their descent down the wall creeping towards me. I jump up in hysteria, screaming in anger, swishing the broom against the wall, curling it upward towards the ceiling. No matter how much I sweep…

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