The Secret Code

Why can’t we exist as independent islands in life?

The connectedness in the universe has led to interdependence. The very concept of dependence is challenging, as it takes away a part of your self-esteem and individuality. Interoperability is the implementation of interdependence, and therefore remains the biggest challenge in tech, and in life. The focus has shifted to connectivity, from connectedness.

Independent islands of existence would have been a huge waste of resources. So, Nature or God, whatever we choose to believe in, created a symbiotic system of living beings helping one another, and optimally utilizing the non-living resources. Can I really assume that those are non-living? Matter is a dense form of energy, and energy is life. There could be another set of convertibility rules, which the human race has not deciphered yet.

Here lies the root cause of the whole problem. There is an underlying code in nature and in the universe, but the cipher has not been provided. Animals and planets somehow appear to be more in sync, as they follow their instincts, more than any other set of rules. They possess a different kind of survival intelligence. Human beings would like to conquer and manipulate nature, and forge ahead with the trial-and-error method. They have every right to gloat on their victories, after the immense effort invested. It somehow blinds them to the cause of failure, and the opportunity cost that the victory entails.

Let us measure human achievements on a scale of 1 to 10. Say, we rate ourselves 7 for a particular line of research or activity or invention. Could it have been higher, if we had moved in consonance with nature, rather than manipulating it? Could it have been lower, if human beings moved totally by instinct, and did not use their analytical brain? Where does the balance lie for an optimum level of success?

The world is therefore, an organization, run on a set of rules which are not communicated to the members. There is no manual of instructions or a direction map. Duplication and replication of effort is rampant. Leadership is a function of circumstances. Research projects are taken up, but there is no fool-proof validation of the conclusions drawn. It is all a matter of conjecture and interpretation. The members are unhappy, and imagine technology as a solution to uncertainties. The fundamental issues remain unresolved, as nobody knows what the issues are. Nobody knows the depth of the reservoir they are swimming in, nor do they know the limits of the sky they wish to reach.

‘Infinity’ or ‘the sky is the only limit’ are statements of uncertainty. If we cannot measure or estimate something, we glorify it as unfathomable greatness. We accept our limitations in reaching the ultimate limits.

What an imperfectly perfect world, and what a magnificent wasted effort!

Dear God, I need to move beyond gratitude. You provided the canvas, colors and tools, but failed to teach the art. You failed to define a purpose of existence.

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  1. What a deep post. We are created to be interdependent which is a beautiful thing. Only if we can find harmony and peace amongst ourselves.

    Let me invite you to my blog party going on right now. If you find the time, you are welcome to join the networking. Regards.

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