Freedom and Feardom

I think, therefore, I am free.


Thoughts are not expression. You cannot curtail it.

Thoughts are not a body. You cannot imprison it.

Thoughts are not conduct. You cannot discipline it.

Thoughts are not wealth. You cannot snatch it.

Thoughts are not a house. You cannot evict it.

I work, therefore, I am free.


The world is a riddle. You can solve it.

The world is an idea. You can conceptualize it.

The world is a process. You can execute it.

The world is geography. You can travel across it.

The world is history. You can excavate it.

I visualize, but am I free ?


Intangible as energy, weightless beyond gravity,

A sage dreamt – “Where the mind is without fear…..”

But missed the body that is fuelled by tangibility.

It was a plea to God

Who ironically created the anti-gods.


Fear is hunger. You can create it.

Fear is poverty. You can impose it.

Fear is insecurity. You can spread it.

Fear is society. You can influence it.

Fear is pain. You can inflict it.


Freedom is release from an agliophobic mind.

I fear pain, therefore, I am not free.

(Originally published in UnBound, an online magazine by Pen Paper Coffee and SipnRead in Aug’15)


Inspired by the dverse Challenge on Expressionism.



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