Negative spaces

Soundproof rooms help me focus on the inner voice. I don’t want interference. I don’t want to be told what to do. Cut the cacophony out… I hate the political crap on TV Wait a minute… Doesn’t the inner voice reflect the outer world – a reverse mirror image. Inner reality is what I want … More Negative spaces

A Writer is Born

“I’ll trust your judgement. A woman has superior intuition.” “We’ve peddled this theory for long. Actually, it is about a capability for lateral vision, something that men don’t have. We capture fleeting expressions in a nano-second, and it gives clues to the person’s psyche.” “I should be careful with my expressions, when I’m around a … More A Writer is Born


“Why don’t you see a dermatologist? That looks like a fungal growth.” “It will disappear. I’m writing a lot these days.” “How is it related to writing?” “These are stories that could not escape my lips. I’m fictionalizing characters, and banging them on the keyboard …” “How about seeing a shrink, or the priest in … More Stories