Divine #writephoto

my silver fingers give away secrets of the night the piece of moon I yearned for was finally within reach It slipped out like water from the cracks of my hand but could not take away the light I know it when eyes meet divinity touching lives transforms all and each

Exploration #writephoto

darkest of living forms symbolise hope, optimism, strength cut through stormy winds explore cloudy depths enjoy the float come back to earth for a simple meal I train my mind to be a raven explore different worlds Be enriched by experience Explore different dimensions yet remain rooted to ground reality

Dare not

I dare not turn the key I dare not know what it holds So, we remain silent and pretend all is well….

Bridge of mistrust

She had her eyes firmly fixed on depths below, not the other side. Gingerly stepping on a bridge whose maker she did not trust was not easy. It had never been easy since the day she married. She had found out that her inheritance mattered more than her, and they actually despised her for ‘the … More Bridge of mistrust

Moon slice

  Where do you come from? trickling unseen…. silvery brightness darkness with a sheen   a slice of moon cascading down to earth disappearing   again – to reunite with the whole I named you Hope assigned a role, but ….   now I look for stars in someone’s eyes more real than you are … More Moon slice


“I have a confession to make.” His loving eyes looked different, and she felt a knot in the stomach. “No. It’s not what you think. I’m not going away anywhere. The monster you killed that fateful night was a dummy, and I helped you escape the law. But the monster who harassed you before that … More Scared