Next Show #writephoto

It has been six hours since we got lost.… We are playing a game for a TV show, buddy! Dan was irritated. But I don’t see the cameras following us… I think I heard the buzz of a drone. I’m on the verge of giving up… I can sense that. But, hey, look there … … Continue reading Next Show #writephoto


Conversations #writephoto

Don’t just hang around there, light up the world! The darkness in spirits needs you. I move, I watch you moving and grow at the same time. I control the tides, but live on borrowed light.  Then, maybe our Master is the same…. But his horses straddle across the sky without looking down… Who can … Continue reading Conversations #writephoto


witnesses mute -despite magnificence, magnitude, and timelessness  -know whatever happens in the confines of man-made structures is buried history not a fantasy souls that cry  spirits  that die are not excavated There are no mortal remains, -just  Immortality pain or joy

Disappointed, once again …

each step each curve -familiarity breeding hope when I climb pulling out weeds  on the way starkness of mindset on the way back stays longer…. -disappointment once again -at not finding whatever I go  looking for..

As you see it

non-judgmental skies -speak,  describe my shape as you see it… get these clouds out of my mirror I wish to see myself not as you see it…