Fiery Females – a new international initiative

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Beauty – Lucky Dip – Limerick

she clamoured to slay, be beautifuland those product ads were bountifulshe tore pictures from magsbereft - they looked like ragsnot much to read, but it's all so cool Source of inspiration

Negotiate your way

Get up, O Woman, assert yourselfnon-compliance is not a shame-failure to negotiatewill set unwanted trendsrelegate you touptight spaceswhere you don'twant tobe

She is a woman…

Is it a culture Is it a flower Is it an emotion? She is a woman She is a whole new tradition…   Is it a caged bird? Are the words really what you heard? She is a woman She is a whole new commotion…   Do you see her fly across the blue sky? … Continue reading She is a woman…

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #125

Welcome to Women's Week! Do the rest of the weeks in a year do not belong to women? 🙂 They sure do, but I choose women and womanhood as the theme for this week's prompt. PROMPT #125 Reena's Exploration Challenge #125 The image and quotes are indicative, not restrictive. You have full freedom to write … Continue reading Reena’s Exploration Challenge #125

A Writer is Born

“I’ll trust your judgement. A woman has superior intuition.” “We’ve peddled this theory for long. Actually, it is about a capability for lateral vision, something that men don’t have. We capture fleeting expressions in a nano-second, and it gives clues to the person’s psyche.” “I should be careful with my expressions, when I’m around a … Continue reading A Writer is Born

Latent heat

No. It’s not about you. That was just me - seething inside with rage at your barbed innuendos, controlling the desire to pour water on your passionate demands after a battle of stinging words and setting the breakfast table, as if nothing happened last night. I wish it was a nightmare, but it isn’t. I … Continue reading Latent heat

What happened to Shupnakha

This is about three women from the epic Ramayan - Sita who has to walk through fire to prove her purity. Yet, she is banished to the forest a few years later with her sons, for an aspersion cast on her character by a washerman. Valmiki's Ramayan is written during her anonymous stay in the … Continue reading What happened to Shupnakha


For those not familiar with the story Draupadi was a princess married to five brothers (the personality of each symbolized a certain value), because their mother uttered the words “Share whatever you’ve got today.” She was humiliated in court with a stripping attempt, and where her husbands did not come to her rescue. The incident … Continue reading Draupadi