Expectations Unmet

A sharp turn on the road, and I lose sight of you. I’ve never liked your ways of manipulating visibility. You appear, disappear and reappear at will. The manner and mode can change. It leaves so much open to interpretation. Do I need to travel to find you at some other turn? And succeed only … Continue reading Expectations Unmet

Breaking Mirrors

I watch with disbelief unidentifiable pieces of a splintered self mock and challenge like ten heads of Raavan never at peace with each other I search for the base on which rest pieces of a damaged psyche Re-engineering too needs a logic in the face of bullets flying from all sides I redefine the self … Continue reading Breaking Mirrors


The voice at the other end is sharp, and the message in the answering machine ominous. “You are suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia. I’ve collected the report.” She calls back. “How much time do I have?” “You need to see the oncologist. He will advise the future path of treatment.” “Do I have enough time … Continue reading Ominous

Happiness is on the way…

Happiness is on the way, I believe It might get lonely up there a hand to hold, dreams I weave I lay the red carpet, see her nowhere It might get lonely up there peaks are charmed destinations I lay the red carpet, see her nowhere red tulips blush in anticipation peaks are charmed destinations … Continue reading Happiness is on the way…


holding a face very familiar in my hands I feel apprehensive of what I will encounter behind the known mask rawness of emotion is so scary -I don another mask to counter savageness of the real, untested you and me https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2022/03/21/what-do-you-see-126-march-21st-2022/

I am the path

you trample a clean path without knowing who dug up the snow to lead you to sheltered stations you enjoy a peaceful night without knowing if this is a stopover or still better your destination you may be out again on another cycle of life, learning creation and damnation without knowing I am the path … Continue reading I am the path

Don’t sell short

will you measure strength and then teach wrong techniques - with inaccurate tools? -survival is compromise if I can prosper and lead https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2022/03/07/what-do-you-see-124-march-7th-2022/ https://amanpan.com/eugis-weekly-prompt-survival-march-8-2022/