Fool’s Paradise

The world keeps spinning round and round changing with every breath, without a sound I remain seated like Omphalos at the epicenter of all I see myself as the be-all and end-all changing with every breath, without a sound leaving me unaware of daily accretions I see myself as the be-all and end-all power shifts … Continue reading Fool’s Paradise

Right Choice

“I don’t remember when you made the first choice in life. But you were always adamant about what you wanted. Today, I’m proud of my daughter who has chosen adoption, just to transfer the value system to another girl.” The  impromptu speech from my mother attracts resounding applause.

Dew Drops

luminosity of early morning dew drops reflecting the sun makes me feel lost in shadows but I let them have the stage freshness is steeped in wisdom of dark nights


If all goes right, take the right turn. This was Mom’s fave quote, and ‘right’ was to be interpreted as per the situation. Years later, I think of situations when things did not go right. It means things did not go as per expectations. Provocations arose from unexpected quarters at an unexpected time. Teach them … Continue reading Provocation


I learnt the language, I'm not the inventorBe aware - there are umpteen influencersteachers and Mom, those people at the promthey paint your mind with a lexicon Be aware - there are umpteen influencersmedia and paparazzi can't be left behindthey paint your mind with a lexiconthey control you through algorithms unknown media and paparazzi can't … Continue reading Lexicon


Walking in those recesses in the catacomb brings a sense of peace. She has lost awareness of time, of being bound by calendars and clocks. She had read somewhere that spirits walk between us, and we should let them be. They inhabit the same world as us. Can there be  a common plane to connect? … Continue reading Catacomb


“Of course, we’ll be too happy to help you, Ma’m”, stuttered the customer service representative, “just complete the details in the form, and the amount will be credited to your account.” He couldn’t believe a celebrity was taking a small loan from them. The scammer moved ahead confidently with her purported identity. A small effort … Continue reading Scamster

Scripts in stone

She tells me my story by reading the runesNot sure how much reality she prunesI wonder who wrote those scripts in stoneWhat was their story, they know it alone… Not sure how much reality she prunesand after all, it's only her interpretationWhat was their story, they know it aloneLet me know what's true, then praise … Continue reading Scripts in stone

Just a perspective

“You are a very different kind of judge for a beauty contest. It shows in the assessment scores.” Video clips of conversations add spice to a television show. “Madam Twinkle, I think I was invited to induce more variety on the panel. Thanks for being tolerant of my divergent views.” “Of course, Mr. Singh, you … Continue reading Just a perspective