Yesterday, a friend lost his father. The parents were in India, while all four children are in other countries. None of them could reach for the funeral. He recounted that on his last visit home in December, his father’s parting words were, “Will you come to perform my last rites?” My father-in-law was shifted to … More Premonitions

Bits and pieces

This is a no-sweat post for me. A close friend celebrated his 52nd birthday yesterday, and his daughters cobbled memories together for him. memoriescobbled together-a treasuretrove of love-to be cherished for nourishment in times to come All image rights are with Ipsita Misra, and the picture cannot be used or reproduced elsewhere without formal permission.


“Selective amnesia” …. a reviewer chose to say about the first draft of her memoirs. Delving back into the past is easy, but putting stories in right perspective is not so easy. I There are many other lives entangled with hers, she didn’t have the right to reveal all. She decided to approach some of … More Memoirs


I left behind most of them some achieved some discarded some taken away yet… new ones sprouting like mushrooms dot the mental landscape I left behind all of them Where are the old dreams?


The future beckons, however attractive or difficult it seems at this point of time. Yes, we will be free – to drive around, work, meet people, shop, eat out. But the awareness of shackled feet intimidates. The psyche will surely carry imprints from this phase. Uncertainty will loom large, as newer methods of violence and … More Transported

So Real

imaginarydemons stoke revenge instinctsbut are so realif you go far back in timeif you delve deep in psyche

Deep pockets

-biological warfare -a conspiracy to induce mayhem in markets buy low for long-term prosperity -marriages break down claustrophobic with too much togetherness in stressful times   authors spoke long back scripts written now for many more blockbusters to come   all is well that ends well for certain deep pockets  


freshness of outlook makes me what I am propels me ahead to unknown destinations   How I wish mornings did not carry burdens of past nights feet not shackled by lost battles failures and slights   How I wish I could carve a day with a new Sun on a new planet partner with aliens … More Unburdened

Cee it happened again

clichéd content crisp accents cursive fonts clickbaits clockwork efficiency conceal conmanship – in colossal proportions comprehensive planning colludes with like-minded evil construct escape tunnels. common people shed copious tears, but carry on – shocked come back again capricious acts continue

Sun God

Does anybody know the age of the Sun? For how long has the fireball maintained its intensity? It’s not easy being an indispensable source of energy. It has to work even when the fire is not visible to the human eye. It lives, walks and delivers – in some other part of the world, but … More Sun God