starkness of monochrome against a  yellow sky Who got grounded, when he wanted to fly? Stories unfinished,  ink not ready to dry…

Different speed

“Do you ever think what brought us together in the first place?” “I know what drove us apart – growing in different directions …” “And different speed … you couldn’t keep pace with me.”

Reality Bytes

“Your marriage was hyped as the most romantic one of the decade. The news about a separation comes as a shock to your followers.” “Well, day-to-day life in the countryside isn’t as romantic as it appears to be. Every day was about ‘being all dressed and nowhere to go.” “So, the glamour world gets a … More Reality Bytes


“Check your records again, Officer! Who are the people who visited him?.” “He was known to be a loner, hence the body was found after two days.” “He was an art trader more than an artist, and vested interests could have been there. The artistic styles in the stuff here are quite diverse, but have … More Studio