It feels unreal to be walking in clouds, and feeling the ground beneath your feet. Soon enough, I will reach the Sun, Moon and Stars and use their influence on earth to project my views. The snow is melting beneath my feet… I hope I continue to walk without getting submerged in my own pride… … Continue reading Delusions


Spectres and Spectators

"I heard ghosts have feet pointed in the opposite direction - they are so torn between going where they belong now and interacting here in this world." "That's a good input. Because this benign ghost will move towards you and hug you ..." "whoa ..." I don't know how to manage a fake ghost spectre … Continue reading Spectres and Spectators

Bygone Era

"Mom, is that you sitting on the stool?" "Yeah... it was for the first picture sent to your Dad." "I understand you lived without phones, but such a large image looks egoistic. And the pixelation isn't so great.."