Tell me, O PhoenixAre you the sameas older versionsAre you only oneunique work of artor a subversion? Do fire and ashremain neutralto retain your core?Do you rememberscars on the soulor tales of yore… your colorsIncredibly beautifulis the compositiona fractalor has it changedsoul of rendition? fractals are miraclesbut do those speeding,repeating patternsfeel aliveon straight pathswith no … Continue reading Reincarnations



“What the hell is water?” asks the callow fish. She’s a thalassic creature. Someone’s curious about undiscovered, underwater worlds. They write stories of demons that inhabit the space. There's someone else who can make a train run under water in a chunnel.  It’s just knowing what to do with water. Weekend Writing Prompt

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #256

Welcome back! PROMPT #256 This is perhaps the shortest word prompt we have done on RXC, yet it encompasses so much. The prompt is Any word starting with Re For reference, you may check the following site, and watch the horizons expand. Words that start with Re There is no restriction on format of the … Continue reading Reena’s Xploration Challenge #256

Milestones on a circle

I enrich myselfgoing around in circles-not directionlessfollowers install milestonesuncover hidden layers readers add valueto a writer's long journeythey see reflectionscommemorate turning pointsit relates to their stories Moonwashed Musings


watch yellowsturn flaming orangechallenge sun,pallid moonssupported by deep watersthen meet a mountain rigid rockscompel a retreatteach lessonssurvivalneeds good navigation skillsnot raw bravado Written for Photo Challenge #439 at MLMM

She died yesterday

She died yesterday.  The priest chants mantras irrelevant to the essence of her life. She stood for freedom and path-breaking ideas. Rituals are about beating a trodden path with sticks shaped out of a murdered tree. Those who pray for the soul to rest in peace know not that she exists beyond their reach - … Continue reading She died yesterday

Fairy Tales

The fairies that live beneath the ground always boost energy. It is strange how those with the power to fly choose to remain underground and inspire others. The colors she sees flying across the sky in the form of clouds, rainbows, sunrise or sunset hues become fairies in her mind. They are real, visible but … Continue reading Fairy Tales

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #255

Welcome back! It's a relaxed Thursday for me, after several weeks. I looked for something that is outside my usual league, and found this picture appealing. Hope it stimulates your imagination too. PROMPT #255 Image credit: Noel Nichols on Unsplash There is no restriction on format of the piece. There is no last date either, … Continue reading Reena’s Xploration Challenge #255