Kikimora and Domovoy

Life is such a limiting term, if I think of it as related to the body. In how many forms does energy live on the earth, without a body?  Folklore is built by intrigued minds around the unusual experience of a few. Fear is felt by minds that cannot accept the unfamiliar, and their stories … Continue reading Kikimora and Domovoy



In response to Leave Your Hat On at dVerse Poetics A chosen hat presides over all those left behind -discarded emotions -buried animosity -speechless grief -rational thinking -numbing frustration -helplessness -suppressed laughter -unshed tears A chosen hat is just appropriate not the best its relevance changes with time No hat should see itself as the … Continue reading Hats

Weight of Sacrifice

Sacrifice is glorified. Sacrifice puts you in orbs above average. Sacrifice gives you a halo, and binds you to expectations. Sacrifice cries out for a worthwhile cause. There are many who will ask you to put the interest of others before your own, to attain a nobility you did not ask for. They exhort you … Continue reading Weight of Sacrifice

In a place I (don’t) wanna be

Image: Saturday Evening post He remembers a sense of unease in company right from childhood.  He would be full of enthusiasm for a new experience, but find himself at the other end of strange looks. There was something that others could not relate to, and preferred staying away. He attached no great value to relationships … Continue reading In a place I (don’t) wanna be