Tanka Prose

This is a ‘tanka prose’ created by the ‘Found Poetry’ method from my own piece Monsters I continue to be the monster in their stories…. There might be a day when one of them is in trouble. If I sense that, and am capable of helping out, I offer a hand silently. To accept or … More Tanka Prose


Prompt sentence It is very hard to write this way, beginning things backward… –The Torrents of Spring (1926) ALTERNATE PROSE & POETRY Who will read my autobiography? It is an excuse I give myself, every time the thought occurs. Reality is different. it bleeds Why open wounds? it’s intense agony I don’t know where the … More Memoirs


Did Adam, Eve and all living forms in the garden of Eden have a genetic code? Maybe the code existed only in the Master Creator’s consciousness. The secondary nature of my being compels me to depend on elements that exist somewhere in the universe. Creativity is nothing but putting together the alphabet in different ways. … More Creativity

Paradise Lost

I was woken and shaken up by the novel Atlas Shrugged at one point of time, and then relegated it to the basement of consciousness  – as unattainable idealism. I don’t know why the smell of yellowing pages wafted back into memory, with the news of Covid vaccine patent waivers. An industrialist at the helm … More Paradise Lost

Subconscious alleys

I think I was born out of someone else’s will -unarmed, unprepared I go back enriched, strengthened by lessons I may forget but lurking somewhere -alive in folds of the soul they control me, and once more, I write fresh stories -ink on electronic screens need to learn coding to communicate again express myself in … More Subconscious alleys