You made a choice

Remember you said ‘dictatorship is good – to meet a goal’. You made a choice in that moment – to be walked upon, to become irrelevant, to write someone else’s story, to fulfil someone else’s dream. You chose to surrender your voice. The underlying desire was to trample on people you abhor, but you were … More You made a choice


What do you do, when the teapot is too small, and you need to serve six people? I learnt to conjure magic in the cups. I taught them to play a game, and let them believe their cups are unfilled, because they lost the game. The winner got something, for sure, and saw me as … More Magic


A David is born, whenever a Goliath gets arrogant about his strength. Goddess Kali is born whenever oppression increases. Tsunamis unleash their force on the world, when the ocean is unable to contain its angst. The pride of those at the receiving end prevents them from seeing the connection. They like to deceive themselves that … More Revolutions

Bird’s choice

The forest is on fire. Animals watch with amusement, as a tiny bird brings water in her beak and puts it on the fire. “You silly bird”, says the smart monkey, “you cannot extinguish the fire with a few drops.” “I know,” she responds, “but when history is written, I want to be counted amongst … More Bird’s choice

I cannot

Here is a tanka prose in response to alabaster skin as smooth as I remember slips from my fingers she walks away – don’t know where but gone, never to return….. Mom said the beauty of character lay in steadfastness. Dad was progressive, believed in going with the wind, being flexible and jumping on opportunity … More I cannot