Not needed now

This is a topic I can’t have fun with. The women in my father’s family (his mother, sister and nieces) were beautiful. They looked like marble statues with their alabaster skin and chiselled features.  My grandmother would often say with great sarcasm to me, “You look like your mother….have not taken after this family.” It … More Not needed now

Weird Dreams

I wake up with a start. I dreamt I had turned into an app, with a lot of books in it. Friends and family, all those who had earlier labelled me a bookworm, have downloaded me on their devices. Many of them will see me in that “Least interacted with” list. They love to have … More Weird Dreams

The Witch

I decided to have fun with your prompt. “Did you notice the changing color of my skin, and small protuberances from my ear?” “What’s bothering you, Jack? You seem to be upset.” He did not look up from his phone. “Alan, my wife is a witch.” I felt my voice quivering. “Wait till you see … More The Witch


The image me reminds me of my friend, who started a business of manufatcuring organic skincare and haircare products. I was the first recipient of a parcel for trial, and endorsement on social media …. just that all the bottles were unlabelled 🙂 I had a tough time getting her on a video call to … More Lotions


If people don’t step on my toes, I can remain polite. If people speak for their own rights, I won’t have to lead a rebellion. If acceptance exceeded expectations, there would be less conflict. If power is redefined, there won’t be two segments called the rulers and ruled. If sharing does not incite paranoia, interpersonal … More If….