Let go

She walks alone in peace, tarries shedding the burden she carries hunting freshness, looking wearied I saw dropped skins she ‘d outgrown No imposed guilt, sins to atone moving steady on paths unknown Raw forces behind her rallied Her feet heavy with commitments yet tracing paths of wonderment she creates art, does not lament lack … More Let go


skeletonshappiness gone bycan they bidto capturebroken spirits, reinstatethem to past glory wonder how can I bid for my own property skeletons can’t speak, but do feel left out


I hearno more, but seelife changing around meI felt my own heart beat today–Silencetakes over from where all noise leftgiving me something new-incrediblefeelings

In a row

colors unitedemerge from same prism – each sovibrant on its ownGetting them all in a row?Individualityscreams – I’m the star of the show