todayan offshoot ofa long dead yesterdayor bearer of unknown future-moments count beatsreincarnatewith unique soul beautyof a processed experiencenow dead I planneddifferent songsunsung musical chordsconquered my voice - poetic milesaway I mappedunexplored routesunderground vibrationsblew my plans off to smithereens-earthquakes I liveunredeemed timebreathe unclaimed oxygeninfuse unheard stories to makefutures Sunday Confessionals - Today


Milestones on a circle

I enrich myselfgoing around in circles-not directionlessfollowers install milestonesuncover hidden layers readers add valueto a writer's long journeythey see reflectionscommemorate turning pointsit relates to their stories Moonwashed Musings


watch yellowsturn flaming orangechallenge sun,pallid moonssupported by deep watersthen meet a mountain rigid rockscompel a retreatteach lessonssurvivalneeds good navigation skillsnot raw bravado Written for Photo Challenge #439 at MLMM

In between

crackling logs rekindle thoughtsdying branches, twigsgasping for last breaths beforetumbling into ash-fireplaces bring no comfort a soul cries aloud in shockas it recalls deathin a previous lifetimeit takes time and love-to rejoice in a new form formation to destructioncycles of naturewhat's sandwiched between layersis the core of life-cackling two faced energy Written for … Continue reading In between


beware of friendly conversationswhich quickly change direction-manipulation-don't mentionshock unconcealed venomous expressionwords that cause deep abrasion-manipulation-don't mentionblocks sharp shooting targeted invasionsattacking reputations-manipulation-don't mentionrocks Lucky Dip at MLMM The poetry form used is triquint