Sembine interactions

I’ve had my share of interactions with feline and canine species – both good and bad. The range spans from innocence and goodwill to sharp manipulative instincts. Sembine interactions leave me defeated. These interactions are with a person suffering from mental health issues, or living beings who do not understand my language. The worst kind … Continue reading Sembine interactions



The chosen form is American Sentence American Sentence: Invented by Allen Ginsberg.An American haiku variation. 17 syllables written in a sentence.Any topic. She transmutes dreams, turns them over to the sales department for profits. Written for Tanka Tuesday Weekly Prompt Synonyms used Change - transmute Grow - turn over

D for Despair

despairemanates fromperceived - sometimes assumedinevitability ofsomethingwhen all doors appear to be closedsmall apertures of hopeescape vision.Refresh Sunday Confessionals at MLMM Image credit - Reena Saxena


fungal growthssuperimposed thoughts-divert cleanneural paths-blue moods darken clean landscapesthe black dog barks loud -did you missa dash of yellowin turquoise-did you misstoothless smiles on grey morningsfind what lights your life -reflectionsof skies and deep sea-floating lifein whirlpools-offers seats to optimismWill you miss the chance? What Do You See?