Political Thought

pull it outsee what lies below-new storiesor new traps?surface tension redefinedin light of my fears maybe it'sa desperate callfor help - butwill it propme up as a hero, ordownplay my story? How I wishthe lone outstretched handheld a noteto revealits true identity, tohelp me know intent? Written for What Do You See hosted by Sadje


Going back

It takes a while to learn that being different is not being inadequate. Though the whole world conspires to tell you that. Going by the norm, they are each inadequate in their own way, when they don’t measure up to my expectations. But somehow, fingers always point outward. mirrors designed andplaced in appropriate lightreflect what … Continue reading Going back


I look at you lovingly, my creationyet I know you will choose to go your own way I know you are under no obligationto behave as I want, your desires hold sway Why this unreasonable expectation?You are a person, a character, not clay You are not me - but the next generationthe future is all … Continue reading Debt

Secrets of the night

smoothness of velvet black nightswine glasses reflect starlightI consume divine magicas the drama plays out bright those characters speak to mehang between stars and planetsI invite them to share talesof hell and spunky comets Why call No Moon a New Moon?A falling star shows its mightlaughing at spineless languageasks me - now, never, tonight? Ditch … Continue reading Secrets of the night


I envy the artist or filmmaker who fleshes out imagination, and presents it in two or three dimensions. Some people can relate to the characters. To all others, it’s as vague as the sky - an illusion to keep imagination engaged. The root of all disappointment in the world is that we derive comfort from … Continue reading Sky

Limited sky

skies stretch endlesslyI lament limitations-no wings, no airplanesbut I'm blessed with unboundedhuman imagination paint poems on skieswrite it in colors unseen-it whispers softlyWhat have I missed in myself?Why don't I see what you see? https://amanpan.com/2022/07/12/eugis-weekly-prompt-unbounded-july-12-2022/