BADGER HEXASTICH choosingwhat’s right makes thembright – while I absorb painenvelope screaming worldsand yet remaindull grey


godliness cast in mouldsto make it tangiblein suspecting cruciblesof human minds god needs to look like menot wind, water flowingto receive His blessings-soul force divine clay statues satisfy-I’ve locked divinitymanaged infinityset to rewind I cheat the wind outsideknowing that God is intemples can’t see my sin-conscience defined


wonder why no one ever saidthe emperor wears no garmentWhy is it seen as sacrament? do those who question now lie dead?what makes you subscribe abetment-injustice is no accident do you fear faces turning redwhen you display your armamentor fear blame for abandonment? is there a cause for which you caredbut din’t support or advocate-a … More Sacrament