Games people play

“I’m sick of magic mirrors”, my teenage daughter protested, “I don’t like seeing grotesque forms of myself.” “These are not those deforming, illusionary mirrors. You will be transformed forever.” His voice appeared to come from another plane. “What? You mean deformities will be permanent?” “There are no deformities here. The tormentor and tormented look alike, … More Games people play

Take us out of here….

It came as no surprise to anyone when she entered the arena and found it inhabited by winged predators. It was popularly held theory that the destructive virus was bred in the confines of this space. The people who dared to speak had been eliminated. The eerie silence was pregnant with terror and horror. The darkness got dense, but she … More Take us out of here….

On the cards

“Are the social media posts ready?” “Yes. Are you sure all should be released at the same time?” “Listen carefully now. The posts will be released from different accounts within an hour, and the team to engage on the posts needs to get active immediately. You will get the cue, as soon as news starts … More On the cards

The Ghost Train

I had the oddest feeling of apprehension as I entered the ghost train. Horror was a subject I had to tackle for the next TV show. Yet, horror was not new to me. The horror of surprises thrown by unexpected human conduct, the horror of being fleeced by the noblest medical profession in times of need and the … More The Ghost Train

Dark secrets

The police was at the doorstep. He thought the matter had been closed la few weeks ago. “You are under arrest.” The tone was terse, and there was no other option than getting in the jeep with the police team. A few hours later…. “We have traced out deleted chats from a number which was … More Dark secrets

Mysterious Apple

The strangest thing happened as I walked into the theme park.  A larger-than-life apple was placed on the pathway. It looked like a replica or sculpture, so I clicked some pictures, and moved ahead. I stopped on hearing strange sounds emanating from my phone. “Release me. You have no rights to hold me captive. Aaaahhhh….” … More Mysterious Apple


Her mental health showed considerable improvement in the last few weeks.  Thank you notes are sent to the psychiatrist. He asks them to continue the treatment for monitoring further changes. It is a case history he would like to share in medical journals. Nobody thinks of the mask on the wall, which was thrown away … More Mask


He noted the situation had become grim. He was asked to choose one door, which would determine his future. He did not know what lay behind the doors, but was asked to make a guess.  His eyes darted towards the bright colours on the right, and he was inclined to choose yellow …. Till he … More Situation