Contingency plan

Company headquarters in Germany devised a contingency plan in 2020. What if the workforce in India fails to deliver during the pandemic? It is a country of 1.2 billion with less healthcare facilities. Today, news arrives that we need to plan to deliver more. A major part of the German workforce is indisposed. “Hey! What … More Contingency plan


You let me down, when I’d trusted you for life. I can see the pain in your insanity. You could not handle rejection. But you overlooked the fact that I have a right to live my life my way. A relationship does not mean surrender of individual rights. There was nothing to stop you from … More Loggerheads

In the thick of it

Friends and relatives with no specific goals in life popped up. They were great human beings, and had stood by us through thick and thin, but lacked that vital ingredient for a sane existence – a purpose to live.  Things got complicated, as they expected me to join in the so-called ‘fun’.  Why are you … More In the thick of it

Santa’s Badges

Dear Santa, Look back and think what did you bring last year, and what was the intent. You may well have the vaccine in your bag this year, but don’t wear it as a badge of honour. There has been enough destruction before your annual arrival. On the other hand, if there is a method … More Santa’s Badges

Games people play

“I’m sick of magic mirrors”, my teenage daughter protested, “I don’t like seeing grotesque forms of myself.” “These are not those deforming, illusionary mirrors. You will be transformed forever.” His voice appeared to come from another plane. “What? You mean deformities will be permanent?” “There are no deformities here. The tormentor and tormented look alike, … More Games people play

Take us out of here….

It came as no surprise to anyone when she entered the arena and found it inhabited by winged predators. It was popularly held theory that the destructive virus was bred in the confines of this space. The people who dared to speak had been eliminated. The eerie silence was pregnant with terror and horror. The darkness got dense, but she … More Take us out of here….

Strategic Moves

It is a movie that keeps me glued. Maggie serves me lunch on the couch in front of the TV. Lucky to have a wife so understanding…. Suddenly, the movie stops, and a moderator is asking some questions related to the movie. The audience has to guess what will happen next, and type it out … More Strategic Moves