I knew it before landing in this jungle of well-dressed thorns. They don’t like people who know better than them. They speak to you as if obliging. They probe further to know your alignment to power bases. And that man with one eyebrow quizzically raised… I knew it he will walk away after knowing who … Continue reading Recluse


Moving away…

I had a life of my own, then...I don't know what hit my worldloud wails demanding somethinglogic thrown to the winds I don't know what hit my worldI just live from day to daylogic thrown to the windsbecame a giant with feet of clay I just live from day to dayI had a life of … Continue reading Moving away…

Poetic justice

Photo by Photography Maghradz cultures that reward loyalty, devotion propagate it as the only value to justify breathing -facilitate coronations systems that impose carefully constructed dogmas on another’s free-flowing existence bottle the genie In throne pillars -ask for validation, unquestioning acceptance -Induce guilt for asking questions -drive the weak to uncalled for penitence then the … Continue reading Poetic justice


Freedom for her means only one thing - not being told what and how and when to do whatever she did.  The acts she is reprimanded for, are not worth a thought to the saner people in the world. Like where and how should the dish-washing brush be placed, how much water should be used … Continue reading Freedom


A compass to help me navigate through labyrinthine corridors of the mundane ….. un-peeling layers of incisive thought Maybe, I’ll never get lost again after that…. never be blamed for not having a sense of direction for not remembering routes I pass through every day for the mind will be less busy more focussed on … Continue reading Lost


A crowd gathers to see who has the courage to put their innermost self on display. The crowd is curious to know how they can support, oppose or shred it to pieces. The crowd engineers multiple stories from a single, thread bare fact, and sells it to stakeholders. Both the viewers and viewed are within … Continue reading Crowd

Lite? No…

“Youtube shorts are the latest in the market, after Tiktok.” “How do I earn revenue, if there are no ads?” “You increase visibility first. The long videos can come later.” A month later…. “Dammit! That’s not what I intended to say.” “I guess something is lost in editing. I’ll relook.” Jack sounded sheepish. “Look here, … Continue reading Lite? No…

Contingency plan

Company headquarters in Germany devised a contingency plan in 2020. What if the workforce in India fails to deliver during the pandemic? It is a country of 1.2 billion with less healthcare facilities. Today, news arrives that we need to plan to deliver more. A major part of the German workforce is indisposed. “Hey! What … Continue reading Contingency plan


You let me down, when I’d trusted you for life. I can see the pain in your insanity. You could not handle rejection. But you overlooked the fact that I have a right to live my life my way. A relationship does not mean surrender of individual rights. There was nothing to stop you from … Continue reading Loggerheads