Incarcerated souls

“A new outfit covers all damaged parts, but unpeeling of facea reveal pain. Anyway, eyes stop at curvatures in the body – who looks at faces these days?” “I’m swathed in bandages. Someone once planned to bring me back to life, but the scene around is not encouraging. I don’t want to return….” “Do you … More Incarcerated souls

The Baton

“Long after you are gone, you will be remembered for the patterns you paint on the sky with colors of hope….” “Wow, Linda, you are becoming a poet….” “It is the impact of your company.” Her smile is lovely, and can light up a million hearts. What a cruel joke of destiny that she can … More The Baton


caged sunflowers face different directions pine for a different sun -surrounding mirrors reflect the object of their deepest desires -yet leave them wondering why is the warmth missing? why does the heart not sing?   Seven horses of the sun feel pulled apart -whose love is this which overpowers their unity? -Which undercurrents call for … More Caged

Thick plot

The filmmaker’s obsession with women wearing white was well known. The blockbusters he produced would often show a woman in white, soaked to the skin under a waterfall or shower. The scene was always picture perfect, with intense colors of mountains and sky floating on the screen, as a backdrop to female sensuousness. Tabloids would … More Thick plot

Deja Vu

Déjà vu is a word I’ve read about, but this place makes me feel it in the bones. Have I been here before? Going with my life history, this is the first visit. But why did I feel drawn to this god-forsaken place? I’ve read too many stories on rebirth. So, I go around looking … More Deja Vu

Rat Race

Yes. It is a race. Yes. I want to fly. On feet or wheels, getting pushed or jostled, being taken for a ride … Yes. I have to fly. There is no alternative. Life leaves me not many options. I will step on someone’s toes. I’ll scream if someone else does. Space is limited, and … More Rat Race

Mirage of clarity

The sky is so clear after several weeks. Vale smiles at me, as he looks up. I can’t recall when did I see him smiling last. Life has not been easy for us, but he will never know. He blames us for the unrest he feels within himself. He has reacted adversely to his mother’s … More Mirage of clarity

Golden strands

I remember passing through similar fields on a school excursion, and I tried drawing the picture with crayons. Crayon tips are thick, and I couldn’t get the strands right. Later in class, I was sitting behind Gloria Smith, the only one with golden hair in the class. Inspiration struck again, and I tried redoing the … More Golden strands