a part of the whole a whole divided in parts I deny connectedness by letting smoke envelope my existence, letting it define my incompleteness, creating illusions of wholeness.   masks I wear conceal vulnerability while labelling certain parts of my animal self attributing it to another species masks let me live in peace with my … More Layers

Laws of Life

I looked around for the trophies the eminent lawyer had won in his long, illustrious career, but there were none. “You do believe in displaying evidence, don’t you?” Being his childhood pal, I could take liberties others were afraid, or too much in awe of him to take. “Do you see those two books in … More Laws of Life


Vacations come alive with Grandpa’s stories. A nugget emerged on the morning walk with him today.  “You guys have lost earning opportunities with the advent of the internet.” “I can teach you how to earn money online. We’ll do it in the afternoon.” “I’ll tell you something right now. I used to come and check … More Voyeurism


The notepad is carefully designed to offset greyness of the decor.  Nisha needed a push to draw the window curtains open. Deepa’s thoughts wandered back to her college days, when a Maths professor, R.K. Talreja, not very competent in English would keep saying, “Open the windows. Let the atmosphere come in.” He was always the … More Freshness


He did this in the last stages of his terminal illness. It is a strong message that somebody will always watch over me. I will never be free, because a woman is not born with the right to do so. The threshold of the house defines her boundary lines, and it is her job to … More Subdued


I changed clothes I changed colors fawn to green to blue to red to suit commercial interests my image kicks off celebrations is ensconsed in tiny hearts… while many dressed like me are the soul of parties I lie here alone my spirit broken after all that I give and is given in my name … More Figments

Raison d’etre

No, we are not going to jump out… We just need to know your arrival by sight, smell or the sound of your car. We will then rush back to the entrance door, and position ourselves to jump over you. That’s not an attack, it’s an expression of love. We do nothing but wait for … More Raison d’etre

Keep them busy

“It is my alma mater.” the pride and loyalty in his voice was evident. “Mine too. Why are we turned away from each other?” “We’ve to guard the allocated space as loyal soldiers. Directions can be different.” “Are we committed to the same cause?” “I guess so …. Yes.” “Then why not fight together?” “Fight … More Keep them busy

The Morning After

“Great to connect with you, buddy! It was beyond my wildest imagination that we share the same fears and concerns. You are seen as the blue-eyed boy of the master.” “What makes you think so?” “All that you shared yesterday…” “I must have been really sozzled. Let’s go back to where we started from… We … More The Morning After