Mysterious Apple

The strangest thing happened as I walked into the theme park.  A larger-than-life apple was placed on the pathway. It looked like a replica or sculpture, so I clicked some pictures, and moved ahead. I stopped on hearing strange sounds emanating from my phone. “Release me. You have no rights to hold me captive. Aaaahhhh….” … Continue reading Mysterious Apple


It is a death carefully painted. The right place, time and suit - to get noticed by the right people. Pictures are splashed across social media. People are divided into camps guessing if it was a suicide or murder. Hate campaigns against the suspects are launched. It is the beauty of living in internet times. … Continue reading Death


He noted the situation had become grim. He was asked to choose one door, which would determine his future. He did not know what lay behind the doors, but was asked to make a guess.  His eyes darted towards the bright colours on the right, and he was inclined to choose yellow …. Till he … Continue reading Situation


A funny thing happened on the way to the laundry today. The colors from the threads I don, slipped out of my grip and started flowing through the streets.  I tried to catch a few, but they looked unfamiliar.  Red was not a pure color anymore. It got contaminated with my emotional states - anger, excitement, … Continue reading Purity


“Nights and days are not very different since the lockdown happened. Shops supplying essential items open for four hours in the morning. Then, it is as bleak as you are seeing it now,” the cabbie was acting as a tourist guide,“BTW, Sir, what brings you to this place in these times? You will be quarantined … Continue reading Lockdown

Bastard Hall

I hear the term ‘bastardization of business channels” in corporate corridors and smile inwardly. People talking about it are responsible for bastardising talent or capability based systems in a way, that talent does not recognise itself. I guess the culture is getting at me, and simultaneously getting under my skin. It takes me more than … Continue reading Bastard Hall


Where are the gloves? Ohh! When did you injure your hand? I’m glad the local pharmacy is delivering kits home. We need to go to the main gate to collect our parcels. Isn’t that nice? I envy those who have dogs. They are allowed to take their pets out for a walk. Heard you got … Continue reading Bonding

It seems like eternity

imprints of past lives on dirty, stained walls leading to exit doors the journey seems  like eternity If I wash myself clean will they not see the stains and believe I’ve changed the journey seems  like eternity will conditioned mindsets  return egged on by sunlight the journey seems  like eternity


I wish I had skipped greatness. Devotees come with high expectations, and I have to live up to it- confined within rocky boundary lines. I replicated myself in the process of expansion. It’s not easy to grow at that rate. But I cannot move. I envy that tiny bird which flies in the sky, exploring … Continue reading Greatness

Stubs of a soul

“For how long do you think my old stubby fingers can hold up the cause? World peace is not sustainable. Earlier, people fought for patches of land. Then, wars were fought on sea and air. Now control strategies have got into the lungs of people. It cannot be eliminated, as long as the downfall of … Continue reading Stubs of a soul