Not missed

They assumed she died in the bus accident. The family is feeding the poor to complete posthumous religious rituals. "Don't think about money," the gentlemen says pompously, "my mother's soul should rest in peace." Miles away, an old woman is shivering on the riverside on a cold night. She has been starving for the last … Continue reading Not missed


Will you?

will you let me beif my words and acts belieall that you stand for?If I show mind of my ownwill you act mature and grown? don't be fooled; this isthe testing stone - will you standby a cause or sulk?when your values are challengedwill you scream, or let me be? Written for Story Swap -Controversial … Continue reading Will you?

Just disappear

taste the skybut not flyswallow cloudsremain dry this is ethernot dewy earthfloat aroundexperience rebirth it came from somewheretoo far to walkdistance immeasurablenot round the block from as far awayas the most unreasonable desire,the most devastating hopewrapped in gossamerairy envelopes I’ve belonged nowherebut herejust failed to find a seerto guide me upwardsevaporate like a tearstop breathingJust … Continue reading Just disappear

Story Swap

“Uncle, how long will you wait in the queue on a sultry afternoon? Go home and rest. I’ll collect the cash and deliver it to your house.” The old man looks grateful for the offer. He is tired and sick, but desperately in need of money. He hands over the signed cheque to the young … Continue reading Story Swap

Sunny side up

Egg yolks are so yummy. I don’t want an omelet with egg whites…. I stop in my tracks to hear a voice as Judah fiddles with his fork, trying to prick the yolk on his sunny side up. “I’m sure the world outside is sunnier than me. It’s great to be out of that egg … Continue reading Sunny side up


Anayra could never understand why her mother despised her so much.  Anything that Anayra did or enjoyed doing was subject to ridicule. She was being measured against parameters which were not hers. She had no desire to be the best cook or seamstress or pious person in the colony, or the most obedient daughter in … Continue reading Anayra