Adventure Next

She gritted her teeth and began the climb. But it felt surprisingly easy as the pull of gravity lessened. Soon, she will see the planets who claim to have influenced her life in so many ways. And boy, does she have questions to ask them? It’s a better idea to thank them first for all … Continue reading Adventure Next



Motionless, she stood gazing down the tunnel. The path extended as far as the eye could see, encased by walls of grimy bricks. She has passed through the same tunnel many times, in between what earthlings call a life and souls here call a project. She wants to make this the last time. She is … Continue reading Nirvana

What’s Real?

“Am I asleep, or am I dreaming?” This question whirled through her mind. The person standing in front of her looks very real, though his voice is low. “Let me ask you something. Who told you good things happen only in dreams?” “But this was a nightmare….” She stutters, “I’m happy it’s over.” “How do … Continue reading What’s Real?