“She’ll never admit she’s wrong. I wonder if it’s an ego problem or a genetic one….” The sounds pass through her ears, but do not pierce consciousness. The judges and the judged are both in their mind. She is unaffected by opinions. She is not exactly floating in air, but feels light.  The moment of … Continue reading Freedom

Danger Zones

The title of his latest book is “Where there is no fear”. The book cover shows his fingers tapping a keyboard and the image of a brain on the screen, with illuminated zones. The message on the back cover: “Danger zones are nothing but unfamiliar places, where we find ourselves powerless to respond in the … Continue reading Danger Zones


“Stand away. Those stones can fracture your toe.” “Don’t worry, Ma’m… the stones will not fall.” “But I can feel a windstorm brewing.” “Even then…” I’m in the desert state of Rajasthan, and stone-stacking to build a fence around homes or farms is common practice. “Have you used glue?” “No.” Back home, I make a … Continue reading Un-glued


Alone is all-in-one when I come together gather different pieces to make a whole to make sense of it I dissect dreams to see what one part of my psyche says to another and it’s so engrossing… Alone is what all others don’t like it leaves them out excludes them from control rooms Separates their … Continue reading Alone

Modern Motherhood

The meeting starts at 9.30 am. I’m late. The kids have to manage with takeaways. They love it, but I’m not sure if it is the right thing for healthy growth. I stop in my tracks by the sarcastic look in my  boss’s eyes “You’re not the only mother out here. We need to run … Continue reading Modern Motherhood


“Your ancestors planted prejudice in you about so many things. Your lifestyle, beliefs and rituals all reflect a preference. You choose one thing to reject another, and the rejection is based on a judgment, which is not necessarily yours.” “Today, this is my truth…” “I may have a different truth about the same thing at … Continue reading Prejudice

Unending Cycle

‘The Creator, Preserver and Destroyer”, he said with a smirk, “Don’t we all know the Trinity?” “Yes. We do. It is an easily understandable concept. I strive to know if it is a straight line or circle. What happens after the End? Is there recreation, or only new creation?” “Sounds like Copernicus saying the earth … Continue reading Unending Cycle

A piece of scarce pie – one at a time

It’s election time. Freebies flow down the gutter. Every candidate offers something, and for once, the voters have a right to accept or reject. “Why did you pick up that scholarship, son?” “It will help my career, unlike the other things you’ll consume.” “The money is not enough to pay for the entire course.” “It … Continue reading A piece of scarce pie – one at a time

Artificial Intelligence

The eternal secret reveals itself in the fourth decade of her life - keywords not chosen carefully. Subconscious re-imprinting is a full-fledged course in NLP, but who knows when it gets imprinted. Can there be a program to design a child before it comes into the world? It would save so much trouble later. If … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence