Unproven Guilt

“Eye-witnesses back out from deposing in the courtroom battle. Those who can afford to buy success by manipulating justice will always do”, my lawyer friend is rambling on. She also happens to be a believer in astrology, occult sciences and ancient scriptures. Have mystics done the greatest harm by redeeming their own souls? So many … Continue reading Unproven Guilt



The image that stares back at her is not too flattering. Maybe the camera on her device is harsh. Sadly, only Zoom offers filters. She wonders what people see when they look at her - the image she sees in the mirror or the one that appears on screen. The mirror is kinder. They’ve been … Continue reading Mirage


It’s an interesting family tree. Each carries a different name by choice, with scant regard for belonging or social identification. Anna tells me it was reinvented after her grandfather left the field open for choice of names. “I’m sure there’s a lot behind that story. I’ve heard about his multiple marriages and large number of … Continue reading De-merger

Hollowness Personified

Hollowness became tangible in her person. She sought entry into every household she was acquainted with at some level, and emerged excited, squeaking secrets to every person she met on the street. She felt gratified by inclusion, and boasted about it as ‘closeness’. She was greeted by a wry smile or snarling glance, when she … Continue reading Hollowness Personified


steel your resolve, the wheel keeps spinningrace against fears, step up accelerationswear love forever, or revenge in indignationChallenge destiny, the wheel keeps spinning race against fears, step up accelerationconquer the world as you know itChallenge destiny, the wheel keeps spinningyou know not where it leads, but keep running conquer the world as you know itsteel … Continue reading Spin-a-thon

Final moments

It’s almost dawn, and embers in the fireplace glow in the dark. Spent fuel lends its last bits of energy to the world. I guess you know that the doctors have given up. Else, what could make you tell me all those stories, as if you are rewriting the truth? Tell me … when we’ve … Continue reading Final moments


Flowers neatly arranged in a teapot placed on the coffee table always fascinate her. Secrets tumble out during leisurely conversations around the table. Anne’s father worked for the railways, and always traveled in a salon attached to the train. She loved journeys bordering on luxury, and once flicked a teapot as a memoir. “You know … Continue reading Containers

Eye of the storm

“What’s happening out here? All the employees with broken arms in a cast? Accidents cannot cause similar injuries.” “I’m instituting an inquiry”, the Human Resources Head’s voice quivers as the CEO’s roar echoes across corridors. The smiles on faces with injured limbs belie a different truth. Journalists gather outside the office to cover the event. … Continue reading Eye of the storm

Stories retold

He is ready to glide into the future. Inherited wings feel light on shoulders, as wheels whir  before leaving the ground. A force stands ready to support, send or receive anything as per instructions. Vehicles are cleaned and polished to carry stories into the future. Somehow, the mud on tires refuses to go. It is … Continue reading Stories retold

Set free

Volatility makes one feel insecure. Flying with no strings attached is a nightmare. My daughter wants to go abroad for a doctorate, and I’ve spent three sleepless nights in a row. Umbilical cords remain. Relationships become tumultuous if one side holds tighter. Quivering balloons on the bumper of the car driving ahead tell me she … Continue reading Set free