The image that stares back at me is not me. This does not match my always optimistic mind. The skin is blue, however improbable it seems. The lake of unshed tears is frozen, and refuses to provide a glance into its dark interiors. Callousness, continued distrust and malicious remarks draw a blank. There’s no disappointment … Continue reading Scarless



“Look for hidden clues or evidence left behind, but shift active investigation to Singapore. Criminals no longer active here.” The email raises many more questions. How did they manage to skip airport security and leave the country? Are the systems adequate to detect fake passports? More important than that is how did the chief arrive … Continue reading Spying

No impact

It was her first taste of whiskey. “You look wasted. Learn to stop at the right time,” a so-called well-wisher quipped. “The first sip is the right time.” Gloria replies wryly. She is impressed by the exquisitely carved glass, not the drink. Disappointment boiled and fermented inside, till she changed completely as an individual. Her … Continue reading No impact

Literary Artist

Irrestibubble is an aerated chocolate, and cream cakes are naughty but nice. Prospective buyers see innocent faces of kids in these words. The copywriter who coined these terms is proclaimed guilty of sacrilege, and fatwas are issued against him. He survives an assassination attempt, but is stabbed again just before a scheduled lecture at Chautauqua, … Continue reading Literary Artist

Smear of jam

It's not a kiss, just a smear of jamsays the head of an unhappy famtears in eyes not wiped or noticedthe child moves to solitary confines says the head of an unhappy famdon't spare the rod to spoil the childthe child moves to solitary confinesin her old age, she cries for the fam don't spare … Continue reading Smear of jam

Speak to us, threaten….

I grew up in an era when television screens received inputs from metal antennae planted on terraces. Watching the sun entangled between bars saddened the child in me. I was taught at home not to catch butterflies and cause them pain, but dissecting a frog in the lab was forgivable. Dear Nature, your silence has … Continue reading Speak to us, threaten….


“I ordered baklava today, but it does not live up to my Mom’s cooking”, coos her daughter on the phone while ordering dinner online. Her husband senses her disappointment. “Let them live their own lives. You did your best.” She used to gloat in compliments after guests enjoyed her lavish dinners, and erroneously built her … Continue reading Retirement


I hear sobs and curses amidst deafening applause. Yes, the story of women in the British army being raped, and then misdiagnosed as suffering from emotional disorders weighs heavy on my thoughts. It happens in other fields too, not necessarily in the army, as the sadistic diagnosis facilitates their elimination from active social and professional … Continue reading Shadows


“You failed to fulfil your duties as a wife and mother”…. screamed accusing fingers. But who says a wife and mother is not an individual, and has her own needs and desires. The fingers folded into fists which broke through the windows on her private existence. It was an identity crisis for them. How could … Continue reading Nirvana

Unproven Guilt

“Eye-witnesses back out from deposing in the courtroom battle. Those who can afford to buy success by manipulating justice will always do”, my lawyer friend is rambling on. She also happens to be a believer in astrology, occult sciences and ancient scriptures. Have mystics done the greatest harm by redeeming their own souls? So many … Continue reading Unproven Guilt