Deja vu – Corona who?

Beep! Beep! The medicines have arrived. I open the door to pick up medicines from the conveyor belt, but who knows what it has touched in the numerous circular trips it takes. Disinfectants are being sprayed on it, yet who knows… I would disinfect the box and packaging again. There are large sound-proof and weather-proof … Continue reading Deja vu – Corona who?

Her Gods

The woods waited for her, every day she passed the ancient sickly trunks, she felt the wind still with their bated breath.  She used to be terrified. She could visualize the stark branches bending down to strangulate her, and her body getting embedded in the gnarled shapes of the trunks. She would neither be dead … Continue reading Her Gods


“Splash some green paint on the apple. It is needed for Halloween décor.” “Do a Google search for ‘poisoned apple’ images. You might get better ideas.” “ I don’t like fairy tale themes. Those are repeated everywhere.” The skeleton surprised me on the party evening. “Where did you get this from?” “Somebody’s cupboard.”  Am I … Continue reading Skeletons

The only way to go

“He cannot carry the weight of his bloated ego anymore.” The watercooler gossip was both dejected and vicious. My colleagues couldn’t take the humiliation and abuse any more. “Wait for it to take a nosedive. It is the only way to go from that altitude.” (252 characters)

Back there

I see a few curious glances darting in my direction, but they soon get busy with their game. I am seen as a stranger in this part of the state. I hope the caretakers do not suspect that I’m a kidnapper, as I stare at the kids unabashedly. They laugh at me, as I slide … Continue reading Back there


She met the industrialist on the beach – a celebrity she respected and looked up to. “I’ve never done it before.” “You can. I never fail to spot talent.” “Are you sure you want me on board?” “An exciting career awaits you. Don’t lose confidence.” This vacation was going to be life-changing. She was ready … Continue reading Take-off

dORiaN gRaY

The woman he wanted to be his third wife, on an astrologer’s advice spurned him, and the billionaire avenged the rejection by killing her one and only love. The court declared him guilty, but he managed to duck the court orders for a few years by appealing against the judgements. Finally … he was asked … Continue reading dORiaN gRaY

Holding you with many hands

My one-year old slips out again. I hold serious reservations about returning to work, as I run out of the door. Nobody else could manage him. He is merrily playing with puppies in the backyard, as their dog mother keeps an eye firmly on her brood. I see my baby getting excited about a shiny … Continue reading Holding you with many hands

Plan B, C and more…

“Ikigai is a beautiful concept, but I could never reach the center. Life is not so well-balanced.” “What is your advice to youngsters choosing a line of work?” “Let your work have a bit of everything that’s you, though all may not be profitable lines. There is always something to soothe, when the markets sting … Continue reading Plan B, C and more…

Latent heat

No. It’s not about you. That was just me - seething inside with rage at your barbed innuendos, controlling the desire to pour water on your passionate demands after a battle of stinging words and setting the breakfast table, as if nothing happened last night. I wish it was a nightmare, but it isn’t. I … Continue reading Latent heat