“It’s an electric pole, not a cross.” “Oh, my Gosh! I see hope and then it vanishes…”  Diana is the eternal pessimist, believing in doomsday predictions and her companions are at the verge of exasperation. They decide to ignore her and get busy clicking pictures of the majestic peak in front of them.  Locals believe … Continue reading Faith


Story hunt

“I give up”. Sylvia is gasping for oxygen, as she throws her shoes to settle down in the grass. She fails to notice my ashen face. The witch hunt has led us to monstrous insights. I came hunting for a story, but reality stares back at me - mercilessly, silently. The killer has left a … Continue reading Story hunt

Great will suffice

Paula Light talks about 'digital goons' - You can't leave a site till you accept cookies, give access permissions or do whatever you are expected to do - boost someone's business. And it's so common that it is accepted as common sense. Let's get to the entertaining story which Paula tells us about a food … Continue reading Great will suffice

Final moments

It’s almost dawn, and embers in the fireplace glow in the dark. Spent fuel lends its last bits of energy to the world. I guess you know that the doctors have given up. Else, what could make you tell me all those stories, as if you are rewriting the truth? Tell me … when we’ve … Continue reading Final moments


The fear in their eyes is palpable, despite the herculean effort to disguise it as anger or contempt. How dare she espouse a cause unheard of before, and pollute the minds of nubile young women, who will raise the next generation? They shudder to think of the future. It blows the roof on their existence … Continue reading INFINITY

Believable Magic

I need to make a pointI take a dramatic stanceto state the obvious-how impoverishedis the acceptance ofwhat’s realwhat’s natural… It takes storiesto speak your mindfictional charactersare more acceptablethan an individual Who has a rightto be uniqueor different?God's own creationor a figment ofImagination I’m the protagonistI’m the storyI’m the writerYet, I play with the pentill it … Continue reading Believable Magic

Mother Wound

I don’t know if time and circumstances hardened her, or she had an inborn animosity towards me.  Her sarcasm never failed to sting. Toxicity could have been her second name.  I was driven to past life regressions to check if there’s a story from the past, which made her hate me so much. If there … Continue reading Mother Wound

Why is it unacceptable?

“I can handle dissent, not insanity,” the chauvinist speaks in a tone of assumed authority, which is not really his. “What you term as insanity is an eruption of long-suppressed flames or instincts… at least you know what was brewing within.” “Whatever is brewing is not acceptable to me or society…” “Whatever is unacceptable arouses … Continue reading Why is it unacceptable?

Die Empty

Do I want to write a bookbefore I go away?for that bookwill die inside me…but who cares reallyfor what I have to say? It’s the map ofmy brain synapsesof what was framedin those spacesbefore responseafter stimulus-somewhere in betweenincoherenceand actionto make sense of lifeit just had to be done I know nowthere’s no going backto reframe … Continue reading Die Empty

Back View

“Do we really need this picture for the story?” The editor’s nose crinkled up in disgust, “The front view with lawns is far more appealing to go with his childhood pics.” Our next issue will carry the story of a celebrity recently killed in a shooting incident. “I believe that while dreams are constructed on … Continue reading Back View