Flying envelopes

She has been wearing white clothes for decades, and least of all because she is a Hindu widow. Black was discarded because it revealed the darkest parts of her subconscious. She thought about all the people and events which brought misery to her life, and the non-verbal outpourings from her mind came close to what … Continue reading Flying envelopes



“I ordered baklava today, but it does not live up to my Mom’s cooking”, coos her daughter on the phone while ordering dinner online. Her husband senses her disappointment. “Let them live their own lives. You did your best.” She used to gloat in compliments after guests enjoyed her lavish dinners, and erroneously built her … Continue reading Retirement

What’s Real?

“Am I asleep, or am I dreaming?” This question whirled through her mind. The person standing in front of her looks very real, though his voice is low. “Let me ask you something. Who told you good things happen only in dreams?” “But this was a nightmare….” She stutters, “I’m happy it’s over.” “How do … Continue reading What’s Real?


“An unfinished story invites. It gives everyone the liberty to complete it as they like.” Henry’s words keep haunting me as I browse through his incomplete manuscript. Unfinished structures welcome every new brick or stone. They reach completion but not in the manner as perceived in the beginning. I call the publisher. “If this book … Continue reading Unfinished

Copy-pasted scripts

The movie star’s fans are baffled by her attempt to commit suicide. So many of them would love to be in her shoes to enjoy her fame, wealth, repeated success and enormous fan following. Media persons send several messages, but all remain unanswered. She announces that she would produce, write, direct and act in her … Continue reading Copy-pasted scripts


“Provocative statements lead to deep insights. It brings out concealed and suppressed thoughts.” “Hmmm… You’ve built your career in law with this strategy.” “I need to bring out the truth, to take the case forward.” “And sometimes, plant seeds of a thought which did not exist before.” “What are you arriving at?” He is visibly … Continue reading Provoked


Another calendar gets ready to walk down the staircase, slowly and silently to the basement.  Will it be surprised to meet others of its own ilk, separated by digits. I guess not, for they’ve always been interlinked - stories, thoughts and ideas are not separated by numbers. The imposed frameworks of dates relegate them to  … Continue reading Basements


There’s an unprecedented chill in the air, and the ground beneath his feet is unusually cold.  “Why are you roaming barefoot in this weather, young lad?” The old man’s voice breaks his reverie. The whiff of perfume,  swish of a silk scarf, charm of a smile and beauty of a face is firmly in the … Continue reading Infatuation

Deja Vu or Veja Du?

Have I really been here before? Is it a scene from the last five novels I binge-read? I recall wanting to be there, and rewriting the plot in my style. The place has so much potential - in the mind, on earth or under water. Shadows creep in on me, telling me a very old … Continue reading Deja Vu or Veja Du?


A medley of inexplicable characters, un-ascribed motives and news headlines… A place that deals with hardcore money and nothing but money feels surreal. A politician’s nephew alleges that jewels worth 5 million are stolen from his safe deposit vault, while the keys are safely held by him at home. A committee is constituted to investigate, … Continue reading RIDDLES