12 Steps to Self-Actualization

your dreams will confuse much more than ever let analysis give deep perception develop insights, don't just be clever understand intent, ditch self-deception get a state of flow, stay there forever pursue excellence without exception let empathy rule all your endeavors redefine goals till they are etched in stone vision, mission, values- know your levers … Continue reading 12 Steps to Self-Actualization

Growing up

you are like me, but need to remain you watch my direction like hands on your watch walk we both do, so confirms the sidewalk subdued are you, but I do not subdue new are the shapes, funny lengths - but who knew stalking me are you, like a damn long bean stalk gawky teens … Continue reading Growing up

World within

The Haunted Wordsmith asks us to write a haiku-sonnet this week. Haiku-Sonnet - The basic premise of the haiku sonnet is simple: 4 3-liner haiku plus a couplet of either 5 or 7 syllables adds up to 14 lines, the same number of lines found in a sonnet it makes me sad – why it … Continue reading World within