I always knew I’m wired differently – the eternal rebel who looked down on compliance as sub-par to existence on this planet. It was the frantic attempts at rewiring that amused me. Parents, teachers, partners, colleagues, children … all of whom that I was an aberration to be ashamed of, a mistake to be corrected, … More Rewiring


kohl lined eyesmimicking dark cloudsI expectheavy rainstears on rosy cheekshow do I protect myself

Donuts and Wraps

Her father’s love for burgers and wraps in Dunkin Donuts was a joke in the family. He visited the outlet regularly, but never opted for donuts. “Breakfast time”, he would enthusiastically declare as he headed out after his morning walk. “Dad, get something packed for us” was an occasional refrain in the house, and then … More Donuts and Wraps

Lest it …

I wrote my heart out but it lost its beat couched in politicalese   I laid my thoughts out the pattern was lost couched in diplomacy   I learnt to contain the core of my being lest I lose it to influence supreme….


Where am I? this is not the place -I dreamt of -planned to reach Yet, I stop and look for something worthwhile again


“The economy is on a downswing.” “Raise the volumes on terrorism.” “We are meeting the Finance Minister today, not the Home Minister.” “I know that. Divert public attention before we think about corrective measures.” “Unemployment threatens to reach astronomical proportions.” “Engage the unemployed youth in discussions about national identity. All symbols are to be held … More Followers


cribbing endlessly about things which can’t change putting you down to glorify their non-acts narcissists lock themselves in lonely castles – but friendless

Little birdie

Zapped by blueness of the sky, and the sound of flapping wings, the little birdie puffs her chest and gets ready to fly. Her mother watches with concern, but makes no effort to help her. The first flight is not easy, but I see the tiny one up there on the window sill. She has … More Little birdie