fungal growthssuperimposed thoughts-divert cleanneural paths-blue moods darken clean landscapesthe black dog barks loud -did you missa dash of yellowin turquoise-did you misstoothless smiles on grey morningsfind what lights your life -reflectionsof skies and deep sea-floating lifein whirlpools-offers seats to optimismWill you miss the chance? What Do You See?


It’s all behind us

courageto not denylook squarely in the eyecross over to the other side-intacta prick in the bubble world helpsis it deliveranceor an escape?-breathe free I don't knowwhy I tried so hardto measureup to thoseI don't want to meet againget real - walk out the best and the worsttime for the bubble to burstit's all behind us … Continue reading It’s all behind us

Growing apart

updationraised walls between usunbridged gapsin mindsetsspeed of change makes you think- whatgrowing apart means