I do a Google search for the word ‘polershmett’. Google says, “Some results have been removed.” I wonder about missing alphabets in the word which could have made sense, without much success. I try some of the other search options. Images looks interesting, and this is what I get. So here I go with that. … Continue reading Polershmett


Exciting journeys

This is where I find myselfin meditationa speck of dust from planetson a vacation I'll return to the source soonafter some actionmaybe another planetsends information exciting journeys aheadno altercationbeing is supreme - I don'tkeep expectations https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2022/06/18/lucky-dip-saturday-mix-18-june-2022/

Signature moments

I'd love to be a stand-up comediansay all the things I always wanted to sayget away without being called ruffian ignore black and white, take advantage of graymultiple meanings give enough protectioncarry audience in loops, then get away balancing words and time becomes perfectionquite unlike the days when politeness matteredread between the lines, admire all … Continue reading Signature moments

Once again…and then

Yes, it happened once again that nightonce again and again afterinfinite times before, whenshe was blamed, criticisedappreciatedNEVER - and thenblood flowed downthe streetsPeace! https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2021/08/14/lucky-dip-saturday-mix-14-august-2021/


freedom of thought thought that scares you you spin stories of horror horror churning within you You - who feeds on sores sores unhealed - throbbing, hurting hurting with ignominy, blames blames that shamed shamed independent minds minds that dared to think think in different directions directions you don’t explore explore - only to hatch … Continue reading Loops


sets of words - ring hollow with no meaning I break them, put those together again my story peeps through the page - amazing I wonder how long will bonhomie last I've seen friends change, goodwill slip away fast she said it again, with envy gleaming she's an old friend, so I just let it … Continue reading Re-emergence