She peeked back over her shoulderto check that the coast was clearfor happiness to float in her lifelike a gentle breeze, not a stormlike a cosy home, not a shared dormwhere freedom is eternalcompliance not the norm She peeked back over her shoulderto leave without regretsto say a final goodbyeto all she once believed was … Continue reading Crossroads



“Isn’t that an unusual name, Genving? Is there a special meaning to it?” “I don’t think so”. Genving looked crestfallen. He was losing a chance to impress his girlfriend’s father, “Actually my parents are numerology and astrology buffs. My mother was adamant that the name has to start with G. None of the names matched … Continue reading Numerology

At the center of life

decisionsto be weighed and madeat crossroadstravel guides give wayto apps and compasseswhich point in all directionsoffer a range of optionsalarms beepdeadlines hauntasking for quick callsto avail discounts globalization takes you everywhere,except inwardsNow I know...why Buddha chose the Bodhi discover life’s essence Saturday Mix- Lucky Dip at MLMM

What’s Real?

“Am I asleep, or am I dreaming?” This question whirled through her mind. The person standing in front of her looks very real, though his voice is low. “Let me ask you something. Who told you good things happen only in dreams?” “But this was a nightmare….” She stutters, “I’m happy it’s over.” “How do … Continue reading What’s Real?


I do a Google search for the word ‘polershmett’. Google says, “Some results have been removed.” I wonder about missing alphabets in the word which could have made sense, without much success. I try some of the other search options. Images looks interesting, and this is what I get. So here I go with that. … Continue reading Polershmett

Exciting journeys

This is where I find myselfin meditationa speck of dust from planetson a vacation I'll return to the source soonafter some actionmaybe another planetsends information exciting journeys aheadno altercationbeing is supreme - I don'tkeep expectations

Signature moments

I'd love to be a stand-up comediansay all the things I always wanted to sayget away without being called ruffian ignore black and white, take advantage of graymultiple meanings give enough protectioncarry audience in loops, then get away balancing words and time becomes perfectionquite unlike the days when politeness matteredread between the lines, admire all … Continue reading Signature moments