Xmas Poem

I pack gifts In glittering stars with lots of love and some disdain… I wish they’d taken my thoughts afar  given understanding as regular refrain I set the table in red, green go the flavours I hope they appreciate a multi-hued brain matching steps with them merry song and dance I dream of companions on … More Xmas Poem


wonder why no one ever saidthe emperor wears no garmentWhy is it seen as sacrament? do those who question now lie dead?what makes you subscribe abetment-injustice is no accident do you fear faces turning redwhen you display your armamentor fear blame for abandonment? is there a cause for which you caredbut din’t support or advocate-a … More Sacrament

Lure of Pink

The splashing of pink rain boots announced her impending arrival. And my heart used to beat louder, till she put me at ease with her silly banter and impromptu song-and-dance routines. It is a story that started at the age of three, and has continued for five decades.She has such a bubbly personality, Every cell … More Lure of Pink

Flying with a poet

poetry pours out with a theme a poet has something to say A format is a voiceless meme predefined shapes, but no clay out of the world, out in the skies once upon a dream, inspiration strikes on a horse with wings, imagination flies of dark ink pages made – burn the psyche united in … More Flying with a poet


truth eludes me as all evidence of anger I once felt floats away in arks of tears and self-delusion I ponder on arcs of life moving in circles letting myself be illuded by what I now feel atoms of thoughts rearranged in different molecular forms redefine identity – repeatedly I love misleading others but am … More Arcs

The End

His words cut deeper than a knife. But it was not he first time she heard that. She had lost all respect for the man, who had continually been subverting her existence, and insulting her for years.  Her completeness made him aware of his inadequacy. Her calmness triggered a storm of negativity in him. A … More The End