Cycles of cheer The season of cheer is over. Santa moves back to familiar environs of comfort after doling out promises and gifts. The pall bearers of dreams carry the carriers away. Coloured wrapping paper is strewn all around carrying different stories of ecstasy and disappointment. A child exclaims, “Mosquitoes sparkle so much in December.” The homeless … Continue reading Cycles of cheer

What does Santa want? Santa appeared on my mobile screen late night. I expressed joy that Xmas has set in early. “No”, he said, “I won’t come till you content creators give me a revamped look.” “Would you like to dress differently? Beards have become stylish across the world.” “It doesn’t matter really. Let red and white change … Continue reading What does Santa want?

Santa’s Badges

Dear Santa, Look back and think what did you bring last year, and what was the intent. You may well have the vaccine in your bag this year, but don’t wear it as a badge of honour. There has been enough destruction before your annual arrival. On the other hand, if there is a method … Continue reading Santa’s Badges