Sepia Tints

memoriesas oldas discardableas worn out packagingnot recyclable relationshipsas short-livedas fake laughterDo I throw outlast remnantsof what remained after? Do you rememberwheels not movingwhen shots were takenand then canned?Nobody knew why… we posedwe pretendedhappinessnot meant to be oursIn a time framestuck and bookended we moved long agofrom sepia tintsto blueprintsof a futurewithout each other Written for … Continue reading Sepia Tints


Growing Within

“I feel let down,” sighs Karan, “sometimes the things you trust are not there when you need them most.”  Idly, he fingers the books on the expensive shelf he bought on his last trip to Italy, and an intricately designed miniature painting falls from somewhere in between. The face of the artist and her voice … Continue reading Growing Within


we’d get along well only if one could tell what’s happening here and now? We gel… your expectations preconceived notions clash with who am I right now in circulation voices from graveyards tear me to shards Today? NO… It’s just not on the cards inscribed assessment to deliver judgement I am flowing ink neither sacrilege … Continue reading Flowing

Ice between us

“There you go – messing it up again. Why can’t you ever get things done right?” Martha’s shrill voice pierces my soul. I let my imagination go astray – a life without being blamed for every inconsequential act or mishap, a life with total freedom of doing things my way. The heat of a mismatched … Continue reading Ice between us