menacing, short steps bring him closer every moment venomous blues cloud imagination to torment I know it’s the end strapped to monitors once again “See what fear does,” he says addressing the interns “to neural pathways in the brain. Extrapolated vision tenses up nerves I’m not an executioner just look like one….” Darkness envelopes I’m … More Nightmarish

Where ….

I woke up in 2021… To a world more complex than it has been Where fear separates, not unites Where a hurriedly put together remedy to unprecedented ailments divides people into camps Where Presidents incite violence Where claustrophobia causes relationship breakdowns Where some pine for company, and others pray for solitude Where people are fleeced … More Where ….

Tightening grips

vigour and fervour hands that clasp mine hold promises for a future Relaxed, I roam around waiting to be called back there is no sound… I come back to the cosy place an unfamiliar iron grip Rings alarms – it is too late I’m placed under house arrest a public speech, new promises there they … More Tightening grips