360 degrees feedback

Scene 1 “I hear the Branch Manager of JNPT branch is in a relationship with one of his colleagues. He is married ….” The boss is digressing from the topic of discussion. “Should we really bother about personal lives of employees? He is an excellent performer.” I suppress a smirk as plenty of unsavoury stories … More 360 degrees feedback

Karma Bites

He was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment on charges of theft. On his way out from the courtroom, he stopped near his mother in the viewers’ seats, and spat on her face. Onlookers were stunned. “I wish you had punished me the first time I stole an extra bun from the baker’s shop. But you … More Karma Bites


His voice echoes through the valley – I spell the end of the Universe. It is a much feared voice – this Being knows no compassion or mercy – he drinks poison but survives, has deadly cobras coiled around his neck and carries a three-pronged weapon – Man, his journey and final destiny. He is … More Well-concealed