landing dab in the middle of chaotic states being stabbed where  voice originates nobody has a clue of the grit it takes to just survive, not win or create majorities always win without debate it feels as if makers of the world died intestate


shooting flames throw some light dark secrets from past tumble out – fond memories take a flight diaries hidden In book covers speak a different language than warmth of fireplace I freeze – a chill hovers neither a pull, nor a hook my once cherished inglenook


untainted untouched yet not a virgin… It is a place  where ideas meet form neural pathways blossom  to take different shapes and mingle with my life I’m fiercely possessive I don’t share  keep it away  from crooks It is my Zen corner My inglenook…


-unspoken word imposed -unspoken refusal to fall in line -unspoken denial of what I want doled out as punishment fake expressions hollow words struggling to ring positive Yet… daggers drawn we face each other -I will abide, but by my own code not yours


possibility of disaster prevents action possibility of pain holds back love possibility of rain drives us to buy umbrellas, build shelters possibility of earthquakes spawns whole new branches of technology we don’t act till we have  visualised results I just wonder  what is spontaneity?


Image credit: Lillian Hi, Lillian I chose this pic as inspiration happiness so elusive when I look  in unfulfilled dreams goals not reached Ambitions … perhaps too big for my destiny my limited means or ability happiness round the corner when I see  angels on a bench want to take them home and they follow … More Happiness

Magnets attract

I sense a trap in magnets and draw away to retain  a sense of self magnets follow me and then I know It’s not for an ulterior motive they are getting attracted to something  residing inside me not knowing  it is an opposite end…

I wonder why

I wonder why I’m hated so much I make it my business to pull down cosy blankets of make-believe housing comfort zones I believe I’m born  to destroy illusions bred in chambers of  self-constructed mirrors I wonder why I’m hated so much

Seeking forgiveness

Dark hues of midnight blue close in  -claustrophobia  is a word  -for a feeling not actual  happening Sometimes…  I fly light challenging  a kite -kiss horizons visualise worlds unseen -and write Forgive me, blues for all my life -I kept fighting my personal skies


separated by screens and masks connected by devices I often wonder if I hear them correctly humans spend more time peeping inwards eavesdropping  to hear the voice of your conscience and soul strangers we have been not sure if more to ourselves or others