Starry nights

Background with Starry night sky. Falling Snow Effect. Galaxy I envy stars. They reflect borrowed light, and make the night worthwhile. They twinkle unashamedly, unmindful of their tiny size. They are a constant in the sky, not afraid of the density of passing clouds. Denizens of the earth write stories and songs around them. In … Continue reading Starry nights

What lies around the corner?

Elizabeth Gilbert famously spoke out battling two horses every morning - Fate, which cannot be controlled Free Will, which can be steered in the right direction Choosing the second horse is a no-brainer, since we have no control on the first. And maybe, the second can manipulate the first. But life shows us different scenarios, … Continue reading What lies around the corner?


She woke up with a start. It was the same dream once again. She stands alone on the banks of a river. The water has a reddish tinge, not blue. A red moon rides on the humps of the low river hills. The dark figure with multiple limbs is fast approaching her. A human turning … Continue reading Mysterious


The silence is unnerving. It is also something I’d always longed for, but never thought I would have. I see shadows emerging from the other end. They look like me, but are wedded to silence. Then, she appears- looking rather pale and ghostly, not the woman I loved and missed so much. I’m surprised at … Continue reading Silence


It is terrifying to see him slip into depths of insanity. Others-centeredness has destroyed his core. The youngest child raised in a large, joint family – he was taught that being good meant being obedient and servile. He always needed a god to worship, and a cult to follow. Shorn of deities after his parents … Continue reading Self-inflicted

The last time

The hangman was called on duty after several years. Capital punishment was almost abolished in the country, till a ghastly rape-murder happened. The barbarism involved in the crime generated a powerful wave against the criminals. The hangman was being interviewed by several channels about the art and science – thickness and quality of rope used, … Continue reading The last time


I don’t know why I was surprised every time love started or ended. Having seen many summers and failed relationships, I always wanted to warn my daughter about the pitfalls ahead, when she ventured into a relationship. I wanted to tell her it’s not worth it in the long run, and she might as well … Continue reading Influence

A Writer is Born

“I’ll trust your judgement. A woman has superior intuition.” “We’ve peddled this theory for long. Actually, it is about a capability for lateral vision, something that men don’t have. We capture fleeting expressions in a nano-second, and it gives clues to the person’s psyche.” “I should be careful with my expressions, when I’m around a … Continue reading A Writer is Born

River of Shame

I’ve often wondered why this is called the River of Shame. What unsavoury secrets does it carry at its base? Does it remember the people who moved away, leaving deposits of whatever they wanted to shed - burdens on their conscience, or proof of their involvement? Will the river remain a mute witness, or have … Continue reading River of Shame


 “I know we are not a predominantly agrarian economy now, and the cow is not so central to our system. Yet, it is the only emotional and religious force which can unite the nation,” said a leader decades ago. His disciples rule the country. Beef is banned. People who are believed to be dealing in … Continue reading Inaction