rings of delusionconceal hollow cores-leave scared spacefor doctrines, opinion,-to seep into structuresinvisible alterationrendering existencefettered and futile-on borrowed oxygen the sun does not seton empires-which controlday and nightnomenclatures-the clock shows twelveinstead of 24 hours-hands of poweron the throat of time-calendars of achievementdiscardedevery year -hunger for power is globalthere's no satiety-food and prosperityis no substitutefor control onhumanityin … Continue reading Subjugation


Response: MTB- Critique and Craft

To MarkLet the poetic sound of moons and stars invade your night thoughts to give you sweet dreams always for in your dreams lies the happiness you truly want. hope you enjoy the book Michelle I’m limited; I’m humanMay God be with youThrough stars, moon or sunLet radiance permeate you I see you as the … Continue reading Response: MTB- Critique and Craft


Let the drum beats pierce eardrums, develop an anthem and get everybody singing it to proclaim alignment. Let not going with the majority feel like blasphemy. Songs replace divergent thought processes, and guilt compels them to put in extra effort. Show them images to incite anger or devotion, and watch some of them write corollaries … Continue reading Drumrolls

Power is contextual

Viktor Frankl made me feel immensely powerful – in the small gap between stimulus and response. I have a choice here – to do or not do something. It makes life worthwhile. The person opposite me, too, wields the same power. And it may not be aligned to my life path or strategy, or designed … Continue reading Power is contextual

Power and Strength — SacredCircleforWomen

The response I received to the ebook “15 Laws of Power for Women” indicates women tend to mix up the concepts of strength and power. It reminds me of a couple who chose to be in a live-in relationship in the eighties, when the concept was not common in India. It may not have been […]Power … Continue reading Power and Strength — SacredCircleforWomen

Power “I was given these notions about success, and I spent more than half my life chasing power. It was always about finding that handle, that lever, that screw-tightener and wondering about the impact each would have.” The audience listens in stunned silence, as one of the most powerful man in the world speaks, “… … Continue reading Power

15 Laws of Power for Women

Today is Daughters' Day and I received a message which glorified the sacrificial instincts of daughters - managing with less, not asking for too much. There is nothing wrong in being sensitive to a parent's problems, but are we setting the wrong example somewhere? Why is the same terminology not used for both sons and … Continue reading 15 Laws of Power for Women

POWER LAW 13 – MAKE IT LOOK EFFORTLESS — SacredCircleforWomen I’ve been watching a lot of art videos. A splash of colour, easy strokes of a tool and there you have a masterpiece. Getting down to action makes us aware of the practice it needs to reach that stage. I worship the artist as accomplished. A famous actress once revealed that it takes six … Continue reading POWER LAW 13 – MAKE IT LOOK EFFORTLESS — SacredCircleforWomen

POWER LAW 4 – Let the other person come to you — SacredCircleforWomen Politics is entirely about power – gaining it and retaining it, winning it back again if lost. Corporates do have a business to run, and products or services to sell. But the most important lessons about power emanate from corporate corridors. A new president who had just taken charge invited an alliance partner for … Continue reading POWER LAW 4 – Let the other person come to you — SacredCircleforWomen

Tangential paths

Photo “I understand what you’re saying. But if I change direction, how do I explain it to all my followers? How do I go back on my words and say it was all wrong?” “There is no right or wrong. Are you convinced you need a new direction?” Yes. The bigotry I drilled into people … Continue reading Tangential paths