Prompt words I am the bud and the blossom, I am the late-falling leaf (Credit: The Paradox by Paul Dunbar) soul encased in fragile bodies part of the universal force A body made of elements construed to be stardust I belong to earth, yet dream of skies the mind is a bird which high-flies I … More Paradoxes

Somewhere in the middle

colorwash of optimism I give minds clarity highlighting the fact I’m yellow, not black contrasting hues of opinions -transparency to see beyond points of view -in a different light somewhere in the middle of spectrums I shine alone as others  take their place to my left or right


Aunt Maria is allergic Little Tim loves it I read about  nutritional value include it in recipes …. ….for life fungi represent growth you choose it or leave it…


we shared barracks, canned guavas  in sub-zero climes…. We argued on things of no consequence to pass cold nights…. We fought shoulder-to-shoulder now  he rests  on my shoulder voiceless, lifeless… his weight feels like  life  weighing  me down I’ll never look at life and death in the same way again strong, but ephemeral intense, yet … More Shoulder-to-shoulder


You fling it open for the first time/but I’m gone A box that held my dreams A box that was my vision board A box of changing aspirations A box that captured transitions You fling it open with suspicion/ but relax It shows flowing water It shows many versions It shows evolution of spirit It … More Unboxed


I remember a poem called ‘A reason or a season” widely in circulation on social media a couple of years back. The poet opined that people come into our lives with a specific purpose, and we should let them go when they choose to go.The purpose has been fulfilled. What disconnects is a vital clue … More Connections

A work of art

this is not a painting emotions spilling over all over the place in different colors overlapping asserting resisting merging creating illusions calling for attention…. forming shapes drawing boundaries underplaying some- emphasising other structures  to make sense… I look at  leaves of hope I painted  on top of chaos to make it look like a work … More A work of art

Tightening grips

vigour and fervour hands that clasp mine hold promises for a future Relaxed, I roam around waiting to be called back there is no sound… I come back to the cosy place an unfamiliar iron grip Rings alarms – it is too late I’m placed under house arrest a public speech, new promises there they … More Tightening grips


Prompt Line Like a ruby held up to the sunrise. Is it still a stone, or a world made of redness? (Rumi) My take on I changed the day  They saw me giving new dimensions to my reality the core remains unchanged yet, the halo is not a part of me I strive to stay … More Halo