Narcissist colors

her arrogance painted in wine on walls pushes him deeper in agony submerged in blues – a peculiar shade not of his choice purple drinks of superciliousness greet visitors -as they long  for vibrant vibes or peaceful whites In their humble abodes I see dark shadows  entwined in leafy greens as I take a flight … More Narcissist colors


Death, unveil yourself don’t hide behind  A need to scare living lights out of weak minds…. Death, reveal yourself in the glory of renewal as the opportunity one always wished for but never had… Death, heal yourself You are painted black only by those  who refuse to see beyond Death, peel yourself to display layers … More Death


ink blots on pages of time changing colours teasing in mutant shapes telling stories which are not mine the pen  between my fingers asks what to write… A newspaper column A lightning ghazal or truth inscribed on stone? It’s all meaningless after my name Is wiped out colors, shapes of inkblots hidden tales will all … More Inkblots


out in the open -dreams I nursed secretly tend to go wild they wanted a separation ardently, secretly so…

Fourteen Lines

I’d missed the prompt from Frank Hubeny, so decided to give it a shot here. they see ice crystalsthey etch a facethey give me a namebut that is not me they etch a faceunaware of rage withinbut that is not me-I burn in resentment unaware of rage withinthey see ice crystals-I burn in resentmentthey give … More Fourteen Lines

Not yet

threatening gestures uncalled-for aggression worlds withdraw into their shells out of orbits- not yet… who will recognize monstrous anti-gods? when the search for God has led nowhere so far, not yet…   who needs an argument before they even form a point of view? so deep, scary … not yet   I look into the … More Not yet