Valights are special kind of lights which shines on the unconscious and subconscious parts of the psyche. gremlinscollected dirtnot dark, but transparentshadows scare me out of my witsvalightsshow me unseenembarrassing figuresIs that really me? Take meout quick No Nonsense at MLMM Reena's Xploration Challenge



“Isn’t that an unusual name, Genving? Is there a special meaning to it?” “I don’t think so”. Genving looked crestfallen. He was losing a chance to impress his girlfriend’s father, “Actually my parents are numerology and astrology buffs. My mother was adamant that the name has to start with G. None of the names matched … Continue reading Numerology

Sembine interactions

I’ve had my share of interactions with feline and canine species – both good and bad. The range spans from innocence and goodwill to sharp manipulative instincts. Sembine interactions leave me defeated. These interactions are with a person suffering from mental health issues, or living beings who do not understand my language. The worst kind … Continue reading Sembine interactions