Do you think it's possible, can I dedicate to a cause I don't believe in.... Can I love some one who has values those are not the same as mine? To a cause I don't believe in.... I send my deepest regrets those are not the same as mine. I like you for you mirror … Continue reading Reflections


Yes, you want to hurt me

I often wonder if the invisibility of mind and soul is responsible for so much of hatred in the world. How and when did our existence get defined by concrete physical boundaries and characteristics? What we do is undoubtedly ruled by the mind, but there is a difference between the acts carried out for day-to-day … Continue reading Yes, you want to hurt me


power of your presencescorches my smallness….  how did I not see youall these yearsas you grew, blossomed,changed,turned unrecognizableand flew?  did I drinkin your benevolenceas you gave yourself awaydrop-by-droppint-by-pintand swelledinto the shape of oceans?  did I thinkwith closed eyesseeing shapesyou’d outgrownwhile you transformedinto butterfliesmade of light?  power of your presencemocks my awareness….

Parenting a stranger

“Just how could you do that, Anita? She is your flesh and blood.” “Yes, and it placed enormous responsibility on my shoulders. I couldn’t recognize this deplorable monster though she came from me.” “Yet, turning her in to the police?” “We are biologically linked, but two different individuals with different value systems. One has to … Continue reading Parenting a stranger


is it fascination or hallucination I’m young, I don’t know   is it worship or relationship I’m young, let it all flow   just an appreciative token I’m heartbroken I’m learning, I’ll let it go   I know what I need No fancy or greed I can wait, I’ve to grow