At the end of the week, Aiden mustered up the courage to go into his father’s room. He immediately sensed he did not want to be there. This is not the person on whose shoulders he had grown up. This man is a stranger with sunken eyes and a blank look.  Then a light shone … Continue reading Impact

Backdrop The problem with a mask is that sometimes you forget how to take it off. It becomes a second skin and you get comfortable in it.  The bigger problem is when you look in the mirror and believe it’s your face. Not that having a face really matters….. It’s far more convenient to switch … Continue reading Backdrop

That’s not me

I surprise myself with my resilience I still breath in toxic ambience I wonder if brains alter with what I face jumping from manic to depressive phase I analyse what’s inaccessible see blindness, hear the inaudible Then I see shadows that follow me It’s so familiar, but that’s not me I die several deaths, but … Continue reading That’s not me

Look within Well, you’re right when you say I wanna be my own girl. But then what makes you say I’ll need someone to look after me? Check contradictions Clean those outdated mindsets Need no one, just me… Looking after me? Is that what makes one so claustrophobic, eager to break the cage, eager to fly … Continue reading Look within


do you hearamidst all the noisedesperatepleas for loveit makes you rich foreverif you make a move ignore me-it's also a choice-maybe youfind successor yourself in the processWish you all the best!