She came every Thursday, dressed in a shade of blue matching her eyes and her straight, long, auburn tresses burnt the consciousness of all participants there.  “I’m fit enough to leave the asylum”, declared a confident-looking young man. “Good to know that, and I’ll bid you goodbye after you have undergone the mandatory tests.” “I … More Confusion

Double Loss

“I transferred the money to her account. She has to return it.” I could see only the accusing finger in the courtroom, and then her well-moisturised ankle. She hushed up facts about the investment that ran into a loss, and it being in my name, because she expressed inability to sign papers on a working … More Double Loss


My father is breathing his last.  He is the only support I’ve ever had in life. I lost my mother in infancy, and did not have any siblings. A relationship was initiated, but ended badly due to my insecurities. The girl found me too possessive and clinging. I hold his hand, as his breathing gets … More Confession

Games people play

“I’m sick of magic mirrors”, my teenage daughter protested, “I don’t like seeing grotesque forms of myself.” “These are not those deforming, illusionary mirrors. You will be transformed forever.” His voice appeared to come from another plane. “What? You mean deformities will be permanent?” “There are no deformities here. The tormentor and tormented look alike, … More Games people play

Curating Experience

“The haziness of a disappearing platform and culture is evident in this artwork. The artist was planning to retire.” “Does an artist ever retire? There are curators who work at preserving art.”  “Do you won a museum or art gallery?” “I build castles out of the sands of collective experience. The story of this artist … More Curating Experience

First Line Friday

Dominic bowed his head to hide his face. He forgot that he did not need to do so, after the plastic surgery which has changed his appearance. It was an instinctive response on seeing the person who trusted him, but was backstabbed. He wondered if she had recognised him. But his body language was enough … More First Line Friday


It was a client who gave the counsellor the right perspective. “The problem is we cannot have part of a person. We need to accept the whole, though certain parts are so exasperating.” Parineeta thought about her husband who mirrored her father’s value system, and had attracted to him for that reason. He valued family, … More Paradox


I see people praying around me, but not for me. My flame wavers, but there is no protection from gusty winds and unseasonal rains. They derive hope from me, but do not recognise the agony within. Colour bursts are captured in two-dimensional images, circulated and glorified, but the depth of my existence remains unexplored. I … More Afterglow

Forensic Investigation

“Keep tabs on his team. I want a report of every movement they make.” “I thought Nelson is the suspect.” “He is. But he is not stupid enough to do things openly in broad daylight, and get caught.” “So?” “So, track the shadows. Shadows speak the truth. Then, make corrections in size to get an … More Forensic Investigation