The Chosen Form is Cyclus The Cyclus is:○ a 12-line poem.○ syllabic, syllables per line 2-4-6-6-4-2-2-4-6-6-4-2○ unrhymed. flash ofsudden brilliancequick insight in darkness-a momentary strikefrom troubled skies-changesviewpoints-offers a choicebetween velvet darknessor illuminatedpathways tearingdark wombs Written for Tanka Tuesday Weekly Prompt - Theme - Nature of Lightning



When did I become A searchfrom a pathway Who labeled a fading scar aspersistent ache Why did I agree to move mountainsand build a graveyard What blinded me enough to lose visionin search of light How did I change a metaphorto autobiography Written for Sunday Confessionals


The house is isolated, a little away from the mainstream. People who live in surrounding areas are often perplexed about its existence and purpose. Interestingly, the house has smart sensors and receives signals from different parts of the world. Intellectual inputs and ideas are always welcome. It is well-connected, but not part of a spy … Continue reading House


cutting across wind, clouds I ferry passengers to destinations   I change every moment someone boards, or alights at different stations   regardless, I move on with my face in place concealing emotions   bonding, unbonding seething inside with unanswered questions   will they disappear at the end of a journey or change locations?