At the center of life

decisionsto be weighed and madeat crossroadstravel guides give wayto apps and compasseswhich point in all directionsoffer a range of optionsalarms beepdeadlines hauntasking for quick callsto avail discounts globalization takes you everywhere,except inwardsNow I know...why Buddha chose the Bodhi discover life’s essence Saturday Mix- Lucky Dip at MLMM



I do a Google search for the word ‘polershmett’. Google says, “Some results have been removed.” I wonder about missing alphabets in the word which could have made sense, without much success. I try some of the other search options. Images looks interesting, and this is what I get. So here I go with that. … Continue reading Polershmett

Story Cubes on Lucky Dip

Once upon a time, the old man holding a walking stick used to run on green lawns, catch butterflies parked on colourful flowers and dream of holding the rainbow in a transparent vase. Time flew by, as he travelled across the world in different planes and sometimes wanted to break the window and touch the … Continue reading Story Cubes on Lucky Dip

Battles unending

you leave me dumbfoundedyes manning all the wayyears pass, I’m groundedyouth to greys, decades float away or have I lost my head as they sayoverreact to perceived sophistryoxygenate ethics, revive the playobstructing me – your chicanery realms of stories fall apartreact to untruths, I sure dorumors abound, paint me darkreconcile with lies, I won’t do … Continue reading Battles unending

It’s not a new job

a great opportunity-Is it a chance tolearn new skills? Quinzane written for Saturday Miz - Lucky Dip at MLMM hosted by Sarah Weejars Quinzaine The English word quinzaine come from the French word qunize, meaning fifteen. A quinzaine is an unrhymed verse of fifteen syllables.  These syllables are distributed among three lines so that there are seven syllables … Continue reading It’s not a new job

Exciting journeys

This is where I find myselfin meditationa speck of dust from planetson a vacation I'll return to the source soonafter some actionmaybe another planetsends information exciting journeys aheadno altercationbeing is supreme - I don'tkeep expectations


flutteringeyelashes remind mebutterflies made of gossamer dreams I touch youcheck if you are realor will float away like wispy breeze teardrops onpetal-like rosy cheeksgive me a glimpse of eternity emotionsjust make you more humanto place trust-like in the depth of seas