I learnt the language, I'm not the inventorBe aware - there are umpteen influencersteachers and Mom, those people at the promthey paint your mind with a lexicon Be aware - there are umpteen influencersmedia and paparazzi can't be left behindthey paint your mind with a lexiconthey control you through algorithms unknown media and paparazzi can't … Continue reading Lexicon


Sage needs to be added before or during the cooking process to flavour a meat. A person becomes a sage, after life has flavoured his/her thinking process. I don’t know who decided that the flavour matters, not the time of addition or impact. Language hides a lot of humor and pain. It has been created … Continue reading Flavors

Verbal blessings

Who teaches a new-born baby to smile and cry? Human memory is partial to faces, and this is the first set of information that she learns to decipher. Can she make sense of the sounds emanating from people around, or is it all gibberish to her? Dogs can learn about 200 words of whichever language … Continue reading Verbal blessings